L Ketopentose Structure

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Molecular structure of D-ribulose, a keto pentose. Related terms: Aldohexose, ketohexose, aldopentose, aldotetrose, aldotriose, ketotriose, ketotetrose, L Wikipedia entry Return to glossary index.

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general structure: one carbonyl group, every other carbon has an OH group monosaccharide classifications: aldose: aldehyde ketose: ketone triose: 3 carbons tetrose: 4 carbons pentose: 5 carbons hexose: 6 carbons ketopentose: ketose with 5.

L-Ribose L-Xylose Ribose is a constituent of RNA, and the related molecule, deoxyribose, is a constituent of.

The resulting ring structure is related to furan, and is termed a furanose. The ring spontaneously opens and closes, allowing.

Carbohydrate Structure: Aldopentoses and KetopentosesThe eight D-aldopentoses are shown below. The D- and L-forms of each aldopentose are enantiomers. Note: The configurations at C-4 of L-xylose and L-lyxose should be HO-C-H. (from http://www.biochemistrybob.com) The D- and L-forms of each aldopen.

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